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Postdoctoral fellows

Our group is seeking highly motivated and talented postdoctoral fellows to contribute to pioneering work in next-generation optoelectronics. We are looking for candidates with a background in material synthesis (organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, quantum dot), photoelectron spectroscopy, photophysical characterization, or practical experience in optoelectronic applications. The ideal candidate will have the opportunity to develop and lead their own research projects while collaborating with interdisciplinary teams worldwide and providing mentorship to fellow team members.

  • A PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or related fields

  • Strong publication record in peer-reviewed journals

  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal in English


Please send an email to with the subject postdoctoral fellow application including your cover letter and academic CV with list of more than two references.


Graduate students

Our group is actively looking for PhD students who are interested in working in surface and material chemistry for optoelectronics. A perspective graduate student can email to We highly encourage students to discuss with Dr. Park future research development and funding opportunities listed here.

Examples of potential support:

  • President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF)

  • Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)

  • A*STAR Graduate Fellowship

  • NUS Industry-Relevant PhD Scholarship (IRP)

  • NUS Research Scholarship (RS)

  • Commonwealth Scholarship


Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students who are interested in learning and doing research, please contact Dr. Park directly at


Visiting scholars

Visiting scholars who are interested in doing research in our lab at NUS, please contact Dr. Park directly at with your CV.

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